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Visa & Passports

It is especially important to check in plenty of time before your holiday as entry visas or permits may be necessary for certain destinations and it is the responsibility of the individual traveler to obtain them. To check on any Visas you may need (and for preferential rates), please visit CIBT Visa Service at www.cibtvisas.co.uk/cruise.co.uk.


Below is a list of the most often required visa’s but this is not a complete list. CIBT Visa’s are the most respected company when it comes to obtaining visas and are used by most of the major cruise lines and are the company recommended by The Cruise Pro Ltd.


If you are traveling to the USA, the days of filling out a green I-94 piece of paper (commonly known as the Visa Waiver form) on a plane for entry into the US have ended. You now need to fill in an online request to enter the States, at least three days before traveling (although you’ll usually get a decision in minutes, it can take up to three days), otherwise, you will be turned away at US immigration. The form is called the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation form or ESTA for short. It costs $14 (about £10 depending on the exchange rate at the time) plus the ESTA lasts two years (or until your passport expires).

Contact www.cibtvisas.co.uk/

Once the ESTA is out of date you need to reapply. The only method for this new procedure is online, so if you do not have internet access, you may need to get help from a friend, family http://www.cibtvisas.co.uk/cruise.co.uk.ps:/esta.cbp.dhs.gov/estamember or colleague who can register online on your behalf.


All passengers visiting China on a cruise require a visa, even if you do not intend to leave the ship at the port. Depending on how many times your cruise visits China will depend on whether you need a single entry visa (just one port) or a double entry visa (more than 1 port of call). The visa can be obtained as close as 3 working days before departure.


An Indian visa will be required for any cruises that visit India. Under the new legislation, Britons planning to visit India must provide a fingerprint as part of the visa application process. As of March 14th, 2015, Brits wishing to travel to India must first visit one of the fourteen new visa application centers around the UK where they will be fingerprinted in order to receive their visa.


Visas are needed for entry into Russia, the most common way of obtaining a Russian visa is through the cruise line, as long as you take the excursion in Russia with the cruise line, they will include your visa arrangements. Please check at the time of booking. You can obtain your own visa for Russia if you wish to disembark, you must have a Russian Invitation or tourist voucher approved by the ministry of foreign affairs. These can be obtained through CIBT, and they can be ordered as late as 2 working days before departure. Applicants who are self-employed or unemployed must provide bank statements for 3 months prior to the show they have £100 credit available for every day they wish to stay in Russia.


A visa is required for Vietnam; they offer a single-entry visa or a multiple entry visa if you are visiting more than 1 port of call in Vietnam. Visas cost around £99pp and can be obtained up until around 3 working days before departure through CIBT.


An electronic visa called an ETA is required for entry into Australia, these can be obtained for a cost of around £20pp for a tourist ETA which is valid for 1 year and can be obtained online.


A visa is obtained on arrival free of charge and is valid for 30 days.


Starting March 2016, British citizens are required to complete an online application form before entering Canada. The application process is named ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) which is required for visa-exempt visitors to produce before they fly. The documents are not required until 15th March 2016, which was stated by the Canadian government in 2015.

It is the responsibility of all passengers to have a fully valid passport which is valid for 6 months after their return date.

For further information contact the Passport Office on Tel: 0300 222 0000 or visit http://www.passport.gov.uk. We would strongly recommend visiting the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website. If you are traveling to a destination outside the EU Look at the World Travel Guide.

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