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If you have a cruise booking that has been cancelled by the cruise line. Then you may be in possession of a Future Cruise Credit (FCC). We know that the policies around FCC can be complicated and differ by cruise line, so we’ve put together this guide to help answer any questions you may have.


What is a Future Cruise Credit?

Future Cruise Credit is a voucher for travel, issued by a cruise line. It has no monetary value and can only be used to book a future cruise with the same cruise line that issued the FCC to you.. It usually has to be used within a specified period of time and is not transferable to other travellers or cruise lines.

We know that Future Cruise Credit terms and conditions can often seem complicated. It’s disappointing enough that your holiday has been cancelled, without having to wade through the small print to understand how to re-book. Let our team here at The Cruise Pro take the pain out of this process for you by dealing with the technicalities and making everything clear and simple.

What can I spend my Future Cruise Credit on?

The Cruise Pro are able to apply your FCC that has been issued by your cruise line towards any of our package holidays featured on our website. To enable us to apply for your cruise credit, you must travel with the same cruise line and make your booking in accordance with the terms and conditions issued by your cruise line.

Whether you’ve previously booked through The Cruise Pro, another travel agent or directly with a cruise line, you are welcome to contact our dedicated team who will be happy to assist you. We are able to access your information and can talk through your options, enabling you to rebook a future sailing with minimum complications and maximising any FCC you may have.

When is a Future Cruise Credit issued?

Future Cruise Credit is normally issued when a cruise line cancels a sailing or makes a significant change that compromises the itinerary you had originally booked. Each cruise line will have its own policies detailing the booking terms and conditions associated with your individual FCC.

FCC should not be confused with other incentives such as On Board Credit (OBC). On-Board Credit is money that can be used to pay for things whilst on-board the ship. Onboard credit is often provided as part of a promotion or booking incentive and can be redeemed for items purchased on board such as drinks, spa services, excursions and souvenirs.

How much Future Cruise Credit should I receive?

The calculation used to work out the FCC varies by the cruise line. Some cruise lines may convert everything you’ve paid into an FCC voucher whereas others may refund taxes, fees, upgrades etc back into your bank account and only issue FCC for the base cruise fare.

The policies around FCC can be complicated and differ by the cruise line. Our team are actively working with each of our cruise line partners to be able to simplify the detail behind each of their FCC terms and conditions. To know exactly how the cruise credit is calculated in your individual case, please ask one of our team who will be happy to assist.

How long is Future Cruise Credit valid for?

The expiry date on FCC varies and can be influenced by a number of factors: When you originally booked your cruise, when you were due to travel and to which destination may all affect the validity issued by your cruise line.

Whatever your circumstances, there will often be two key dates that you should be aware of. The first is when you need to book your new cruise by and the second is when you must cruise by. These dates may be extended or change as cruise lines continue to review their future deployments and itinerary schedules. Whilst you don’t need to be in a rush to spend your FCC, you definitely do not want to let it expire!

My Future Cruise Credit does not cover the cost of my new holiday.

You can use your FCC to part-fund your new booking. If your new cruise is more expensive than the original cancelled sailing, then the additional cost will need to be paid by you.

If the new cruise is less expensive than the value of your FCC, the balance will be usually carried over for you to use towards another booking (although this is dependent on the terms and conditions issued by your cruise line around your individual FCC). 

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