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Surabaya, the second-largest city in Indonesia, is a vibrant metropolis that offers a unique blend of old and new. With its bustling streets, colonial architecture, and rich cultural heritage, Surabaya is a must-visit destination for travelers. The city is home to several interesting attractions, including the House of Sampoerna Museum, which showcases the history of the country’s cigarette industry. Other highlights include the Tunjungan Plaza shopping center, the Suramadu Bridge, and the Surabaya Zoo. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or simply looking for an adventure. Surabaya is a destination that won’t disappoint.



Things to do in Surabaya

Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque

Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque

Not far from the Surabaya City Hall Building, you'll find Cheng Hoo Masjid, a Chinese Muslim mosque named after the Ming Dynasty admiral and naval explorer Zheng He. He died circa 1435 after spreading the Islamic faith and traveling the world well before Columbus. Inspired by Niu Jie Mosque, built a millennium earlier in Beijing, Cheng Hoo Masjid was built in 2001 and can accommodate 200 worshippers.

Sanggar Agung Temple

Sanggar Agung Temple

Sanggar Agung means "a great place". If you're in Surabaya for an extended stay, this Chinese temple for Buddhists and Taoists, also known as Hong San Tang, is housed in the Pantai Ria amusement park and faces the sea. You'll see folks come to pray and place flowers for ancestors, and there are multiple statues of gods and goddesses at the shrine. You can take pics with owls or go on a little boat ride. It's best to visit in the morning.

Tunjungan Plaza

Tunjungan Plaza

Shopaholics, assemble! Since 1986, Tunjungan Plaza has had six expansions. It promises to empty your bank account and fill your closet, just the way you like. Indonesia's second-biggest mall has hundreds of stores for your retail therapy, including all the major international brands, and is connected to a Sheraton hotel.

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