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Seattle is a beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, known for its rainy weather and stunning views of the Puget Sound. One of the most iconic landmarks in Seattle is the Space Needle, which offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains. Another must-visit attraction is Pike Place Market, where you can find fresh seafood, local produce, and unique handmade crafts. For a taste of Seattle’s thriving coffee culture, visit the original Starbucks location or one of the many independent cafes scattered throughout the city.

Things to do in Seattle

Discovery Park

Discovery Park

Discovery Park offers 534 acres of lush urban respite. Perched on the quiet shores of the Puget Sound in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood, this is the city's biggest park. Twelve miles of walking trails lead to coastal bluffs, tidal beaches, serene meadows, and wooded groves.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

One of Seattle’s most iconic destinations, this century-old public market houses dozens of stalls and shops for farmers, restaurants, purveyors, and artisans, all overlooking the Elliott Bay waterfront. It's great for visitors who are short on time and want to see or experience lots of Seattle in a short period of time.

Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island

A 35-minute trip from the Seattle Ferry Terminal, Bainbridge Island makes a great day trip even on a short stay in the city. Whether you walk, drive, or ride your bike off the boat, you’ll arrive in downtown Winslow quickly. From there, explore the bookstores, coffee shops, clothing boutiques, and cafés that line Winslow Way, or head to Waterfront Park and City Dock for an easy hike along the shore.

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