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Qaqortoq is a small town located in southern Greenland. Despite its size, it is a popular destination for tourists who are interested in experiencing the unique culture and natural beauty of the region. The town is known for its colorful houses and stunning landscapes, including nearby mountains and fjords. Visitors can enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing, and kayaking, as well as exploring the local history and culture at the town’s museums and galleries. With a friendly and welcoming community, Qaqortoq is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable adventure in the Arctic.

Things to do in Qaqortoq

Qaqortoq Museum

Qaqortoq Museum

Located close to the main square, the Qaqortoq Museum is housed in one of the most historic buildings in the town. Exhibiting an array of artefacts from hunting equipment to Norse dresses and Inuit boats, it’s a unique attraction that’s hugely significant in displaying the town’s history.

Tele Museum

Tele Museum

Another prominent museum in Qaqortoq is the Tele Museum. Showcasing the history of Greenland, and all that has occurred since the arrival of Hans Ede in 1732, the exhibits and artefacts within the museum are simply fascinating.

Qaqortoq Harbour

Qaqortoq Harbour

When you arrive in Qaqortoq, make sure to spend time exploring the picturesque harbour, surrounded by beautiful hillsides. Filled with local cuisine, kayaking opportunities and hiking trails that begin in the harbour, it’s the best place to start your adventure in the town.

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