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Nukualofa is the capital city of Tonga, a small island nation located in the South Pacific. The city is a melting pot of culture and tradition, with plenty of sights and activities to keep visitors entertained. The Royal Palace and the Royal Tombs are popular attractions, as are the Talamahu Market and the Langafonua Gallery. For those interested in history, the Tonga National Museum is a must-visit. The city also offers plenty of opportunities for water sports and outdoor activities, with nearby beaches and coral reefs waiting to be explored.


Things to do in Nukualofa

Anahulu Cave

Anahulu Cave

Another interesting site is Anahulu Cave which is full of stalagmites and stalactites. The cave can be visited at any time. When you arrive, the guard will collect your ticket and turn on the lights for you to an otherwise dark spot. Aside from visiting the caves and marveling at nature’s formations, you can also swim inside the cool pools at the bottom.

Ha’amonga A Maui

Ha’amonga A Maui

The Ha’amonga ‘A Maui (Trilithon) could be the Pacific’s equivalent to Stonehenge and it is believed to have been used to track the seasons. It is made of three coralline stones that seem to be in perfect equilibrium and was built in 1200 AD. Other theories are more mythical and surrounded by legend. The government itself has a board on site explaining a few of the alternative explanations for the structure.

Royal Palace of Tonga

Royal Palace of Tonga

Located in the heart of Nuku'alofa, the Royal Palace of Tonga is one of the top attractions in the country. As the official residence of the Tongan monarchy, this magnificent structure offers visitors a glimpse into the rich history and culture of Tonga.

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