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Madagascar is an island nation located off the southeastern coast of Africa, known for its unique wildlife and stunning landscapes. Home to over half of the world’s species of primates, including lemurs, Madagascar is a nature lover’s paradise. Visitors can explore the island’s national parks and reserves, such as the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, which is home to the largest lemur, the Indri. In addition to its wildlife, Madagascar also boasts beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, making it a great destination for snorkeling and diving. 


Things to do in Madagascar

La Corniche

La Corniche

Mahajanga in Madagascar is all about the picturesque La Corniche. The beautiful promenade along the beach is lined up with the palm trees and street food carts. Taking a stroll under the shade of palm trees in the evening is counted among the best things to do in Madagascar.

Wildlife Tour

Wildlife Tour

Madagascar is blessed with a bountiful variety of flora and fauna. In fact, many of the species of animals and birds are found nowhere else but here. This explains the numerous wildlife parks and reserves on the island which reveal the most unique and rare wildlife on the earth.

Ile Sainte Marie – Whale Watching

Ile Sainte Marie – Whale Watching

If you have never seen a whale spouting in the sea, you wouldn’t know what a wonderful thing it is to witness. It is counted among the most amazing things to do in Madagascar. Embark on the boat to witness the humpback whales who migrate all the way from the South Pole to Sainte Marie channels for breeding and calving.

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