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Lerwick is the capital of the Shetland Islands in Scotland. This picturesque town is a perfect example of Scottish charm and hospitality. Visitors can enjoy exploring the narrow, winding streets lined with quaint shops, cafes, and houses painted in bright colors. History buffs will love visiting the Shetland Museum and Archives, which houses an impressive collection of artifacts from the island’s Viking past. Meanwhile, nature lovers can take a stroll along the scenic waterfront or hike to the top of the nearby hill to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the town. 


Things to do in Lerwick

Shetland Museum & Archives

Shetland Museum & Archives

An award-winning Museum, the Shetland Museum and Archives is situated in the centre of Lerwick. At this modern museum, you’ll learn all about the history of the islands and discover an array of collections. Run by the Shetland Amenity Trust, this is a unique dive into the cultural heritage of the islands.

Broch of Clickimin

Broch of Clickimin

A key point of interest in Lerwick is the Clickimin Loch. Dating back to 500 AD, it has immortalised the settlement of travellers who came to the island years ago. Within it, you’ll find the Broch Tower, alongside remains of other historic structures

Fort Charlotte

Fort Charlotte

Located in the centre of Lerwick, Fort Charlotte is an artillery fort dating to the late 17th century. Built to defend against the Second Dutch War, it features several bastions and other historic features; a fascinating landmark to explore in Lerwick.

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