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Hilo is a small, charming town located on the eastern side of the Big Island of Hawaii. Known for its lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and stunning beaches, Hilo is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience Hawaii’s natural beauty. One of the town’s most popular attractions is the Wailuku River State Park, which features the majestic Rainbow Falls and the impressive Boiling Pots. Another must-see is the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, home to over 2,000 species of plants and flowers. With its laid-back vibe and awe-inspiring scenery.

Things to do in Hilo

Wailuku State National Park

Wailuku State National Park

This scenic park is famous for two major natural attractions- the Boiling Pots and Rainbow Falls. The Boiling Pots are a series of hot pools flowing like bubbling water, while Rainbow Falls is an 80ft waterfall casting spectrums of light as the spray catches the sun.

Kaumana Caves

Kaumana Caves

Created by lava flows in 1881, the Kaumana Caves are within easy reach of Hilo town. Free to explore, it’s a fascinating area within the state park that comprises picturesque cave areas, alongside lush wildlife.

Lyman Museum

Lyman Museum

If you’re looking to learn more about Hawaii, head to the Lyman House Memorial Museum. Founded in 1931 and housed in an early 19th century house, there’s plenty of fascinating exhibits to explore within it.

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