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Cartagena Spain

Cartagena Spain. A city of contrasts between the old and new,  poverty and wealth, and legend and reality. The 17th century walled Old Town, and fortress is stunning World Heritage Sites, offering an insight into the old legends of this city. The colorful restored Spanish buildings line the streets of Old Town, with areas of immense poverty and around the corner, areas of extreme wealth. This city will surprise and sadden you, intrigue and amaze you, and leave you wanting to return.


Things to do in Cartagena Spain

Palacio Consistorial

Palacio Consistorial

Built by Tomás Rico at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a building with a triangular floor plan and a white marble façade, with the zinc domes standing out on the roof. In addition, it is decorated with the emblems of the city. The imperial stairs, the plenary room and the mayor’s office are important.

Concepcion Castle

Concepcion Castle

Built under Arab rule and rebuilt in the time of Henry III of Castile (14th century). The Torre del Homenaje (Homage Tower) is still preserved from the castle and is currently being refurbished as the Centre for the Interpretation of the History of Cartagena.

National Museum of Underwater Archaeology

National Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Designed by Guillermo Vázquez-Consuegra and inaugurated at the end of 2008. Its mission is to make Spanish underwater cultural heritage known to the public. Among the pieces on display are a collection of Phoenician, Punic and Roman amphorae and a recreation of a Phoenician ship found in Mazarrón, on the island’s beach.

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