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Aqaba is a hidden gem in Jordan, nestled on the shores of the Red Sea. This seaside resort town offers visitors a range of activities, from water sports to historical exploration. The crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea make it a prime spot for diving and snorkeling, with colorful coral reefs and a variety of marine life to discover. For history buffs, the ancient ruins of Ayla are a must-see, dating back to the 7th century AD. With its warm climate, friendly locals, and stunning natural beauty, Aqaba is a destination worth exploring.


Things to do in Aqaba

Mamluk Castle

Mamluk Castle

A few blocks inland from the Gulf of Aqaba, Mamluk Castle is the site of one of the most famous battles of World War I – a victory for the Arab Revolt. This uprising, which swept through Aqaba in 1916, is immortalised in a memorable scene from the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

Aqaba is the gateway to the Wadi Rum, south Jordan’s mystical-looking valley of sandstone and granite. Also known as the Valley of the Moon, this natural wonder of remarkable rock formations was made by millions of years of changing weather conditions and erosion. Sunsets here are especially colourful and best enjoyed during a night as guests of nomadic Bedouins.

Berenice Beach Club

Berenice Beach Club

Upgrade your day at the beach with a spot at Berenice Beach Club. A short bus ride from the city centre, this private club is spread across 500m (1,640ft) of the Red Sea coast, a spot that lays claim to the cleanest waters of the Aqaba Marine Park. It has three swimming pools, showers and shaded sunbeds.

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